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The Oil Work Network is looking for Hard Working truck drivers, warehouse workers, general labor, welders, safety personnel and many other job specific people to help fill the rigs. Staffing these rigs at this time of year becomes hard as some people don't want to travel far from home before the summer. The people on the rigs need a break though, you would too if you were out for a month or two.

With the natural gas sites in the east, oil rig sites in the west, northwest and off-shore, hundreds of jobs are available now. Many of these sites offer entry-level placement and there is always room for advancement.

The media has portrayed the oil drilling business as being in jeopardy when they don't have all the facts. The fact is there are hundreds of NEW Wells being setup to start drilling now.

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Not only are driver positions available right now, but here are some other careers:
Materials man/woman (Store man/woman)
Responsible for the maintenance of the stores, stock ordering and receiving. Must be computer literate.
Medic - responsible for the upkeep of the Sick Bay and the medical stocks & rig medical records. Issues medicines like a pharmacist. Has a high level of medical training. May be former nurses. May also be the Rig Safety & Training Coordinator (RSTC).
Mud engineer - in charge of the drilling fluids being used. They will likely have a degree in chemistry and good knowledge of drilling procedures.
Painter - Given his work from the Barge Engineer, the Painter is responsible for the rig painting program. Often working at heights with scaffolding safety harness and or work basket hoisted by the crane. Usually builds his own scaffolding.
Radio Operator - a vital job, may be the easiest job.
Rig Safety & Training Coordinator (RSTC) - responsible for full knowledge of the offshore safety laws and company policies. Must be a good communicator, organizer and posses computer skills.
Scaffolding- responsible for different installations depending on where their company has work.

The Oil Work Network has long been the leader in supplying qualified personnel to some of the best oil rigs in the country and worldwide.
Truck Driver/General Labor/Welder/Warehouse Work positions are exactly that, you could be doing anything at any time. Advancement will be given to those that have the aptitude of fast learning.
Willingness to learn new jobs and execute the tasks that are given.
Bonus Points:
General Laborers, Truck Drivers, Rig Workers, Welders, Roughnecks, Roustabouts and safety personnel will all be looked at for these positions. This is Hard Work, but you will be given Great Pay.
2 weeks out, 2 weeks home for the off-shore rigs. 1 Month out and 1 week home for the land based rigs. We also have Rigs that are hiring in Northern Canada at the Oil Sands.
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Willing to travel
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The Oil Work Network
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Thu, 2011-03-31 (All day)