GooglyFish: Blog GooglyFish: Blog Copyright by GooglyFish en GooglyFish Fri, 23 Oct 2020 23:25:03 -0400 What is Bitcoin and how does Bitcoin work? Bitcoin being launched in 2009, was the first of its type of asset that is known as cryptocurrency. This is a form of digital cash that is decentralized and that eliminates the importance of traditional intermediaries such as banks in making financial transactions. Bitcoins are usually powered by a combination of a network of individuals who create software-driven cryptography. This is basically the science of passing hidden information which is only read by the receiver and the sender.

Passing secret information creates a currency that is backed by code instead of things that are of physical value such as silver and gold or even trust in central authorities such as japanese yen and U.S. dollar.

The only thing that is needed in bitcoin is an electronic payment system that is formed on a cryptographic proof rather than a trust. This allows two parties to willingly transact directly with each other thus avoiding the need of a trusted third party.

How does bitcoin work?

A bitcoin uses a trading symbol that is BTC which simply is a computer file kept in a digital wallet on a personal computer or a smartphone. In order to understand how bitcoins work, it is essential to understand these terms:

  • Bitcoin miners.

Bitcoin miners or individuals of a peer-to-peer technology independently confirm transactions through a high-speed computer usually with less than 20 minutes. Miners are then paid in bitcoins due to their efforts.

  • Blockchain.

Bitcoins are powered by an open source code that is commonly known as a blockchain. The blockchain then creates a shared public ledger whereby each transaction is known as a block that is normally chained to the code hence creating a permanent record when each transaction is made.

  • Private and public keys.

Each bitcoin wallet contains a private and a public key. These keys work together in ensuring the owner signs the transactions after initiating them hence delivering proof of authorization. 

Bitcoins follow the law of demand and supply and since the demand increases and decreases, a lot of volatility increases in the cryptocurrency price. Bitcoins are then stored in two types of digital wallets that include the hot wallet and cold wallets. The hot wallet is a digital currency that is kept in the cloud on a trusted provider and then it is also accessible through a desktop or a smartphone app. A cold wallet is a portable device that is encrypted that is more of a thumb drive that then allows you to download and keep your bitcoins.

The disadvantages of buying bitcoins.

The following are some of the cos of bitcoins

  • Price volatility.

The spike that was there in 2017 was as a result of speculators rushing into the market. Recently, the gains have been good if you bought bitcoins in 2018. 

  • Not protected by SIPC.

The securities protection corporation insures investors up to $ 500,000 if funds are broken but that doesn’t cover cryptocurrency.

  • Limited use.

Last year in may, telecommunications giants AT&T connected with companies such as microsoft and dish network in accepting payments in form of bitcoins

  • Hacking concerns.

Backers might have it that the blockchain behind the traditional money transfer is a little bit secure, however, bitcoin hot wallets have had a better target for hackers. Recently, there have been bigger hack mostly in 2019 where more than $40 million were stolen in bitcoins. They were stolen from high end accounts on cryptocurrency exchange where the company covered its losses.

The advantages of buying bitcoins.

The power of bitcoin cannot be ignored. Here are the advantages of investing in bitcoin

  • The ability to avoid traditional banks or government intermediaries.

After the great financial crisis, some investors become ready to invest in an alternative that is the decentralized currency. Such currency is outside the regular control by the traditional intermediaries or any other third party.

  • The potential for big growth.

There has been a bigger potential of bitcoins growing. Some investors who have bought and held cash are wishing that once the bitcoins mature that greater trust will follow and hence its value will grow.

  • Private, secure transactions anytime.

Once you have bitcoins in your possession, you can be able to transact them anywhere and anytime. Bitcoins transactions do not have any personal information such as a name or even a credit card number. Lack of such information eliminates cases of information being stolen. 


With all the above information of what bitcoin is and how it works, it is time you think about investing in them. A lot of people like the fact that they are not controlled by a third party such as banks and the government. They also love the fact that they can spend bitcoins anonymously. However, by understanding the actual reasons you should be investing in bitcoin and the challenges, then I believe you will have no doubts investing in it.

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8 Ways to Hire the Best People

As any business grows, hiring becomes one of the main issues for an organization. As the functions go from a single founder running everything to where authority and responsibilities have to get delegated to human beings, it becomes a matter of urgency and importance to find the right people. 

In fact, hiring the wrong people can be very costly. The latest research has shown it costs on average 20% of the employee's annual pay to replace them. 

That means if you're paying someone $50,000 a year, it'll cost $10,000 if they leave. The costs factored in are recruiting, hiring, training, development and lost experience. 

Here are some ways that you can hire the best people for your business from the beginning. This will minimize turn over costs and bring people on board who will become a valuable, contributing member on the team. 

1. Screen Faster

The most difficult task when you post a job opening is sorting through all of the applications and resumes. There's no possible way you can interview them all. In many cases, it's impossible to even interview all of the candidates that look good on paper. 

There are a lot of pre-assessment tools out there that can automate this tedious part of the hiring process. If you have a platform that can spit out all of the top candidates for you, it'll save you a lot of time and energy having to do it manually. In addition, doing this part of the process manually will inevitably cause you to miss some great potential candidates. 

2. Get To Really Know The Candidates

A resume and application will only tell you what the candidates know about themselves. Further, it will only tell you what the candidates want you to know about themselves. 

Having an assessment tool that will help you get to know your candidates before they even interview you is critical. These tools will help you understand their personality, how they'll fit with the rest of the team and your culture, and their potential for growth and advancement. 

3. Standardize The Interview

You may have multiple hiring managers all doing their own interviews. Without a standardized interview process or guideline, each manager is free to ask what they wish. 

Interviewing well is a skill set and there is the research behind what questions should be asked and how they should be administered. Most hiring managers neglect all the scientific research that has gone into conducting great interviews. Standardizing allows every interviewer to leverage this research without having to do the work themselves. 

4. Customize Hiring Profiles

In addition to the conventional job description, why not also list out other criteria you're looking for in the new hire? You can customize a hiring profile that includes what personality types you're looking for in a particular role. 

You can even customize the cognitive ability a hire should have for specific positions. Not all roles require the same profiles and customizing each one will make sure you get a good fit for each function. 

5. Job to Hire Fit

Utilize tools that will enable you to consistently assess whether the candidate will be a good fit for a particular role. By doing an assessment on the candidate and having a customized hiring profile, you will have the data to see if they will be a good fit before they even step into the interview. 

For example, you don't want a shy, super detail-oriented person doing sales for you. They may not be a great fit for sales, but they may be great for the back-office operations in your warehouse. 

By making sure your new hire is a good fit for the role, you will set them and you up for success. 

6. Cultural Fit

In addition to the job to hire fit, you also want to make sure they hire will fit in culturally. I'm not talking about diversity. We should all strive for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

I'm talking about things like work culture and basic values. Do you run a fast-paced, intense, workaholic culture? Then you don't want someone who's laid back and wants to work 37.5 hours a week and no more. 

Do you have a laid-back culture where you value relational connection and a healthy work-life balance? You may not want to hire a candidate from a Wall Street investment bank looking for his next mountain to conquer. 

Even if that ex-investment banker produces a ton of results for you in the short term, it'll affect the culture in your company in the long term. And although he may start with a sprint, both he and you will get frustrated by the cultural mismatch. 

7. Employee Referrals

Have you done a great job of hiring the best people so far? If you have, you can multiply that effect by getting referrals from your current employees. 

Surveys consistently show that referrals from current employees make the best new hires. You still have to go through the assessments such as legal check etc.. But it'll be a lot more likely they'll be a good match for you if one of their close friends works for you already. 

8. Take Care Of Your Current Employees

Taking care of the great employees you currently have is one of the best ways to get more of them. With the advent of the internet, it's fairly easy to see reviews on what it's like to work at various companies. 

By providing a great work environment for your team, you will attract more A-level players to your organization.

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How to Start a Baking Business: 4 Steps to Success Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for a source of extra income or a full-fledged entrepreneur who wants to be her own boss, starting a baking business is a good choice.

Baking has become quite popular over the years, but it has been around for much longer than that. Throughout modern history, a wide variety of baked treats and products have been born – from decadent cakes and pies to delicious, easy-to-eat cookies, cupcakes, and muffins.

But with all the information available, starting such a business may prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, this article can teach you how to start this culinary quest.

From enrolling in a baking school in Dubai to completing your baking equipment and supplies, here are the four important steps you need to take to successfully launch a promising baking business:

1.   Boost Your Baking Skills

Before you can even think about what you want to sell in your bakeshop, you must first hone your skills. Sure, you can hire a professional baker for your business, but it would be for the best if you’re the one running the kitchen.

If you haven’t already, consider enrolling in baking classes to increase your knowledge of the different techniques in the trade. You can also choose to get a patisserie diploma and get more extensive training in all the aspects of the business.

Of course, there’s also the option to upskill and choose specific skills to add to your arsenal. For instance, if you’ve already mastered the cake batter, you can get ICCA cake decorating training to hone your sugar art skills instead.

2.   Create a Business Plan

Every business requires a business plan, and a bakery is no exception.

Once you’ve decided what kind of business you want to open (e.g., online, counter service, sit-down, or specialty), the next thing you should prepare is the outline of your business. This should include:

  • A summary of your business (i.e., type, industry, or niche and location)
  • The business capital
  • Estimated expenses and revenue projection
  • Target market or customer base and competitors
  • Your short-term and long-term goals

If you’re planning to hire staff, you should also include it in your business plan. Make sure that you write down details about human resource management, too.

Having a unique brand is also an important part of the business. This will help you stand out from the crowd and potentially overcome the competition.

To make your business more appealing, consider having a gimmick for your bakery. Whether it’s related to the atmosphere in your shop or the products you bake, this will be attached to your brand, so you must make sure that it is pleasing and will paint your baking business in a positive light.

3.   Get Funded

Besides serving as a guide for your bakeshop, your business plan is good for one more thing: to get funding.

When you have a solid business plan, convincing potential investors is a whole lot easier. Instead of telling them your plans, you can “show” them instead. This is also true for when you’re applying for a business loan from the bank.

4.   Complete Your Equipment and Supplies

Now that you have the money to get started, it is time to seek out the necessary equipment and supplies you’ll need for a successful baking business.

Of course, you should have already done your homework on vendors and suppliers of the items you would need beforehand. This is the time to use the information and reach out to those businesses.

For the supplies, it would be wise to purchase ingredients in bulk. Sourcing local produce from the neighborhood is also a more practical move, not to mention it is a great way to help your community prosper.

Bake Your Way to Business Success

Starting a baking business may seem daunting at first. But with the right mindset and know-how, you should be able to take a step closer towards your goals. Follow the tips listed in this article and bake your way to business success.


Shanaaz Raja is the Course Director at International Centre for Culinary Arts - ICCA Dubai.

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How Can Invoice Factoring Help My Business Running a business requires a lot of responsibilities if you want to keep it constantly growing and remaining successful at all times.

Having financial stability is a major aspect of a successful business, and it allows the owners to focus on developing strategies to boost that success even higher.

Many business owners can have difficulties with keeping a steady flow of income due to clients taking months to pay for the services they received from your company. This type of payment delay can damage the growth of your business and cause a lot of problems for your personal and professional lives.

Luckily, there is a way to bring consistent cash into your company without needing to wait for a long time for your clients to pay for the invoices you issued to them. Companies such as have been extremely helpful by giving businesses a great solution that keeps them going through choosing to factor their invoices.

Keep reading to get an answer to all your questions about factor invoice and to learn how to provide your business with the help it needs to succeed.

What does invoice factoring mean and how does it work?

Invoice factoring is a financial process that involves selling your clients’ unpaid invoices to a factoring company that will give you money immediately. Once you sell the unpaid invoices you will not be responsible for collecting the amount from the client, as the factoring company can do that for you.

Factoring your unpaid invoices allows you to stop worrying about your financial status and focus on the important aspects of your growing business instead of chasing your clients for their overdue payments.

As for how it works, it is a simple and easy process with multiple steps:

Step 1: Find a factoring company and send in your application

There are many factoring companies that offer great services and it is recommended that you find one that pays you within 24 hours, has excellent customer service, and allows a flexible contract.

Once you have found a factoring company that you can trust, submit your application along with the required documents and the invoices you want to factor.

Step 2: Receive an approval from the factoring company

Generally, you will hear back within 3 to 5 business days from the factoring company after submitting your application and the documents. This is an evaluation period that is done by every invoice factoring to confirm that the clients whose invoices you want to factor have received all the services you issued a bill for, as well as doing a credit check on them to ensure that they are able to pay.

Step 3: Get paid for the invoices you factored

After you receive a notification for getting your invoices approved, you will get the first part of the payment installment within 24 hours. This first payment will be a percentage that is determined by the factoring company, which is generally 70 to 85 percent of the total amount of the invoices.

Step 4: The factoring company will begin collecting the money from the client

The factoring company will refer to your clients as debtors and they will receive a letter from them to notify them that they are now responsible for collecting the money that they owe for the services.

The debtors will also learn in the letter that they are required to pay them within 90 to 120 days.

Step 5: Receive the final payment

If the invoice factoring company successfully collected the money from the debtor, they will send you the second payment installment after they take out the factoring fee from it.

In some cases, the debtor could fail to pay them due to financial issues such as filing for bankruptcy or wanting to dispute the charges for your services. If that happens, you will be required to compensate them by following their terms. Depending on the factoring company and the type of factoring you agreed on, the compensation could be by giving them another invoice to factor or returning the money back.

Is invoice factoring guaranteed to help my business?

Invoice factoring is a super easy and quick way to effectively benefit your business and have a steady flow of cash coming in without any delays that can cause problems for you.

It is guaranteed to earn you money the fastest way possible but the amount will vary depending on what type of factoring you choose. Many factoring companies will offer their customers two options to choose when factoring invoices and they are recourse and non-recourse.

Recourse factoring is a common choice for business owners, as they will receive more money for selling invoices than the non-recourse option. Recourse factoring means that you will be responsible if the client doesn’t pay the factoring company for the invoice that you sold to them.

This means that once you sell the invoice to the factoring company you will immediately receive the money for it within 24 hours and you will get to keep it as long as they succeed at collecting that amount from the debtor. If they fail to do so, you will be required to compensate them based on the factoring company’s terms, which could be by returning the money back to them, getting it deducted from another invoice you sold, or giving them a new invoice to cover the costs.

Non-recourse factoring is the second option and it completely guarantees that you will keep the money you receive for the invoices you sold. However, the non-recourse comes with a lot of restricted rules that you have to follow in order to get approved for this option and you will receive a percentage of the total invoice value that is less than what the recourse offers.

Will invoice factoring cost you money?

Invoice factoring will not cost you any upfront money except when you have to pay for an application fee. Most invoice factoring companies do not ask their new customers to pay them before they start the factoring process.

Each factoring company has its own fees that are required to pay to keep the customer’s account running but they are paid for through deducting it from the invoices that you sell.

Aside from the factoring service fee, there are additional ones that are used to cover other services such as the application review process. Here are some additional fees that you might be charged for:

  • Application fee: This is the most common fee that many factoring companies will charge. It is a fee that covers the time they take to review your application, the documents, and develop a contract between you and the company.
  • Account setup/diligence fee: Account setup/diligence fee could be required upfront before the factoring company begins running a credit check on the clients who will become debtors. This fee is also used to open an account with the company.
  • Maintenance fee: Your invoice factoring account needs consistent maintenance to ensure that it is working smoothly and without problems. This also requires a fee to cover for that service and the work they are putting in to keep your account active.
  • Monthly minimum fees: Monthly minimum fees are only required if you haven’t met your minimum for the invoices within that month. Some factoring companies need to add this fee to protect themselves from losing money.
  • Wire fee: All invoice factoring companies use an automated clearing house to pay you for what you sell to them, which doesn’t cost you money unless you decide to have wire transfer that money instead. This fee is going to vary from company to company.
  • Cancellation fee: This fee could also be referred to as an early termination fee. It is required if you want to terminate your contract with the factoring company before it ends. These contracts are typically 6 months to a year and some factoring companies give their customers a lot of flexibility by offering them a month-to-month contract instead.

Can invoice factoring be flexible?

Invoice factoring is extremely flexible and many companies will give you the freedom to choose between the following:

Spot factoring: Spot factoring is an option that allows you to pick which invoices you want to sell. This choice gives you a lot of control by keeping some clients’ invoices to yourself. While spot factoring is a great opportunity, it does come with a small price and it is selling your invoices for a lower price.

High volume factoring: High volume factoring is the opposite of spot factoring, as well as the most traditional option of invoice factoring. Factoring companies allow high volume factoring as long as the customer signs a contract with them to give the full permission to factor all of the invoices. High volume factoring will increase your business’s profits each month and keep you financially stable.


Whether you choose spot factoring or high volume factoring, recourse or non-recourse you are guaranteed to receive instant cash that will help your business grow tremendously and give you a peace of mind.

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How To Build A Corporate Communication Strategy You might be aware of the fact that a strong corporate communication strategy is vital to ensure that accurate and concise information always remains available. The exchange of updated information needed to get conveyed to external and internal audiences thus it is vital that a proper communication strategy gets established. You need to realize that corporate communication strategy is something more than a strategy and it shares a direct link with business objectives. Every company shifts the goals and comes up with new changes. In this regard, it is exceedingly vital for communicating the changes effectively. The reputation of a company is directly linked with smoothness through which communication takes place. By owning a good communication strategy, a company gets better understood and gets more reputable. Most importantly, a great communication strategy ensures that different types of audiences are taken care of. If you are wondering what makes a successful corporate communication strategy then this article has got you covered. Below are certain points that must be adopted in the strategy. 

 Successful Communication Strategy

A health communication agency needs to be fully aware of the knowledge of what goes into a successful communication strategy. It should always convey a clear method or outreach plan on the basis of which the company will make public correspondence. First of all, it must be established that there are several types of audiences like the public, stakeholders, and employees. Each audience can not be dealt with in the same way thus communication audits need to get prepared. If you have no idea what communication audits are then do not crease your forehead. These audits are made up of several parts. Identification and prioritization of executive goals are part of a communication audit. This prioritization of goals is achieved by several means. For instance, different individual interviews get conducted where identification of top priorities is done.


Another vital point that health communication agencies should know when drafting a communication strategy is conducting employee surveys. No doubt assail in the fact that your employees are in the central part of your business. It is vital for the business to know what employees think of the brand.  A health communication agency should Always consider the voices of employees and the responses they give.


The feedback of employees matters but so does the input of the stakeholder. Health communication agencies need to ensure that stakeholders always remain excited about the company’s success. If the stakeholders begin losing confidence then a company must immediately correct the perception.

Use Of Social Listening By Health Communication Agency

A common person must be highly prioritized as they can make your business or break it through their ratings. If the health communication agency is not making use of social listening then now is the time to take the initiative.

Including Affiliation In The Loop

Many times, the suppliers are not given as much attention as they should be in regards to the communication strategy by the health communication agency. A good communication strategy includes the suppliers in the loop. a health communication agency needs to take the affiliation with your suppliers to the next level.

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Is CompTIA Security+ Certification Worth Pursuing and Using Practice Tests? When it comes to the cybersecurity certifications, the potential candidates are wondering whether they are worth all the efforts they will make to complete this task or not. This is especially true when they consider pursuing one of the most popular certificates of CompTIA – Security+. If you asked yourself the questions about this credential, then keep reading this post. You will find the answers to them, and your doubts will disappear.

So, is the worth your time, money, and effort? Let us know about this by first defining this certificate and finally letting you know if you should pursue it. So, let’s start!

Vital details of CompTIA Security+ certification

CompTIA Security+ is worth all the effort if cybersecurity is your thing. This means that you either want to fully specialize in this field or want to make your CV attractive by enhancing it with this security-based certification. No matter how it sounds like a direct thing, you are probably wondering what makes this credential worth your time and toil.

The Certbolt – Page is based on some important security aspects that every professional considering a cybersecurity career should never miss. It focuses on the topics that introduce you to industry challenges and solutions. As a candidate, you will become familiar with domains such as:

  • Threats, attacks, as well as vulnerabilities;
  • Security technologies and tools;
  • Implementation of secure networks;
  • Installation and configuration of services for identity as well as access;
  • Implementation of best practices governing risk management;
  • Configuration and implementation of settings for wireless security;
  • Implementation of public key frameworks.
  • CompTIA Network+ Exam Questions

The CompTIA SY0-501 exam for the Security+ badge contains a maximum of 90 questions in the performance-based and multiple-choice formats. The time allocated for the test is 90 minutes. The applicants have to score 750 points out of 900 to get the credential. Another requirement for this exam is the fee of $349. CompTIA also recommends that the students have some experience before they take the SY0-501 test. This will boost their chances of passing it. If you have CompTIA Network+ and experience of 9 to 12 months in the IT field with the main focus on security, then it should be much easier for you to sit for this certification exam.

But why is the CompTIA Security+ certificate a qualification that is good to go for? And why is it popular among the employers? By looking at the reasons why this credential is worth it, you will understand everything visit here .

Why is CompTIA Security+ certification worth it?

  • You don’t need any prior experience. For most security-based badges, having prior experience in the field or a similar one is a mandatory requirement. In fact, for some of them, you may need to have someone in your organization to certify your working experience before you can be awarded the credential. For Security+, CompTIA does not ask you for any documented experience. It only recommends that you have some experience that will make it easier for you to ace the prerequisite exam.
  • You should pass only one exam to obtain your certification. The credentials that require just a single test are definitely worth all that you need to sacrifice. Considering the fact that for some certificates from the vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, and others you have to take two or more exams for most of the cases, Security+ offers you an easier way of getting certified. Therefore, it will be cheaper and easier for you to earn this CompTIA Network Plus Answers - N10-007 . You will save yourself some good amount of time and resources. Moreover, it takes less effort and a short time to have one with you.
  • You have a wide range of resources. CompTIA has qualified its personnel to take you through the course for the Security+ certification if you opt for the instructor-led training. And if you do not want to go this route, you have a chance to select your preferred learning method from what is available on the official page. You can choose e-Learning, study guides, virtual labs, or video tutorials. You can also add some practice tests and exam dumps to your detailed blueprint.
  • This certification is available to almost everyone. Most certificates related to the cybersecurity field cost a lot more than $500. This is why Security+ can prove to be unaffordable to many individuals, especially if they are new to IT and have no stable jobs yet. CompTIA avails its credentials at a reasonable price, making them the most preferred by those students who are looking for cheaper options. And since you still get value for your money through this option, you are better off going after it.
  • This certification increases your chances of employment and access to good pay. Employment is one of the leading motivations for those individuals who go for any IT certification. Others include their desire for promotions and enhanced salaries. The professionals also pursue the credentials that offer them a chance to follow a path that gives them unlimited career opportunities. The Security+ badge was designed while considering all these factors. Once you can prove your cybersecurity skills, the probability of getting employment goes high. You will fit into various job roles, such as a security administrator, a security specialist, a security engineer, and a penetration tester. Also, with CompTIA Security+, the employers will find you valuable in securing their data and assets. And when you can bring in such value, they will always find the ways to ensure you are fully rewarded. This includes a good paycheck, access to promotions, and attractive allowances. The certified specialists can earn an average of $74,000 yearly as per PayScale. This is above most market rates in the IT field.


The CompTIA A+ Exam Dumps is worth your time, resources, and effort. And as the tech field continues to expand, more and more security challenges arise. That is why any professional with this certificate will always be in demand. It’s better to prepare for the opportunities when they come. By deciding to pursue the Security+ credential, you are demonstrating your commitment to these features.

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Practice Tests and Two More Ways to Prepare for Microsoft MS-100 Exam Microsoft is the world’s recognized corporation when it comes to technological innovations and inventions. The widely used software such as Office, Windows Operating System, and Azure are some of the major developments facilitated by Microsoft. Currently, business enterprises and institutions are also utilizing Microsoft 365 as a tool to simplify day-to-day duties. In this article, we are going to enlighten you with the key steps you need to take to become knowledgeable in the features of this solution such as identity and services. To get started, we are going to have a clear overview of MS-100 exam that covers the mentioned concepts.

What Does MS-100 Exam Entail?

MS-100 is part one of 2 series tests designed for Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert credential. It perfectly suits the candidates who already have knowledge of Microsoft 365 workloads, Server administration, networking, and IT fundamentals. The main objectives involved in this exam are the following:

The above topics are tested through 40-60 questions that every candidate must complete within a time limit of 150 minutes. The format of the tasks can be of multiple-choice, performance-based, active screen, build lists, etc. To start with, a student is supposed to register for this exam via Pearson VUE at $165. And then, to claim the credential, they must also prepare to pass the second assessment, MS-101 which proves the professional’s skills and knowledge in Microsoft 365 security and mobility.

Besides, earning Microsoft Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert badge does not only require one to ace exams, but there are also prerequisites that an applicant should meet to get certified. This includes possessing one of the six credentials which are clearly outlined on the official Microsoft website.

3 Best Ways to Prepare for Microsoft MS-100

The secret of passing a certification test is adequate preparation. There is no other route that can guarantee your success. There are many resources available for you to gain profound skills and knowledge in the key areas tested, let’s observe some of the most popular of them.

  • Online training — this is a self-study path offered freely by Microsoft. You can get video slides and other resources online which can help you gain the skills required to become a certified professional. All you need to do is to check the exam page and take this training.
  • Instruction-led course — if you need some extrinsic motivation and can follow a strict schedule, this option is for you. Here, you’ll be offered illustrations and vivid explanations of every concept you are supposed to know. The main advantage of this training is that you will be able to get all your questions answered by Microsoft experts.
  • Practice tests — after completing any of those courses, you can take a trial attempt through practice tests. One such sample exam is provided by the vendor itself, also you can seek more such materials online. The main tip here is to always correct your mistakes and work on your time-management skills.


Microsoft 365 is widely adopted and the demand for professionals with the skills will never cease. Passing MS-100 exam, you prove your competence in managing this solution and can assume roles such as security engineer, data administrator, and system administrator, among the rest. Getting some of these positions, you can obtain average pay of $90,000 per year according to Therefore, if you want to enjoy the benefits, get the best practice tests for MS-100 exam, and start your preparation right away!

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The 5 Benefits of Augmenting Your Services With Strategic Alliances If your business is looking to expand into a new market or improve its product line, then consider the benefits of strategic alliance management services. Not only will forming a strategic alliance help you cut costs, but this collaborative partnership can also lead to a long-term value-creating relationship.

What is a strategic alliance?

A strategic alliance is an agreement between two companies to work together on a mutually beneficial project or achieve particular objectives. The idea of this partnership is to share resources, develop more effective processes, and build knowledge that produces more profit in the long term.

Several real-world examples of profitable strategic alliances include Starbucks and Barnes & Noble, Spotify and Uber, Apple Pay and Mastercard, and Nike and Apple. Each example was able to combine resources to enhance their offerings and add value for their customers while lowering costs.

Ways your business can benefit from a strategic alliance

Diving into a partnership with another firm is not a decision to take lightly. But, when done right, with careful planning and evaluation of risks, the collaborative effort of your strategic partnership will ultimately result in greater success than can be achieved alone. 

Now, let’s take a look at the five major benefits of strategic alliances to confirm that it’s the right move for your business.                       

1.     Ease of access to new markets

Successfully penetrating a new foreign market can often be a challenging endeavor. Even large enterprises, with vast resources and incredible marketing firepower, have failed with their cross border efforts.

Prominent examples of this include eBay’s expansion attempt in China, Walmart’s foray into Germany, and Target’s prompt entry into and exit from the Canadian market.

As expanding to new business territories can be a pathway to sustainable success, companies can buffer their risk and learning curve by forming a strategic alliance with a local partner.

Working with an “on-the-ground” or established business in your target market will allow you to tap into their local market expertise, especially if you have limited experience expanding overseas.

2.     Addition of competitive skills to your business

A knowledge share with an alliance partner can help you better address issues like operational complexity or cost-efficiency.

Sharing intellectual capital between you and your alliance partner, whether that’s marketing skills or technical expertise and even management styles, can help your business address inefficiencies in a way that was not previously possible.

3.     Strengthening of innovation capabilities

Expertise transfer and integrating resources with an alliance partner can also lead to innovative breakthroughs that improve the quality of your product offerings and add value to your bottom line.

The Uber and Spotify partnership is a prime example of this. By adding Spotify integration to the Uber ride, passengers were able to control the music in the vehicle’s sound system directly. This gave passengers a more pleasurable and personalized riding experience.

This type of strategic alliance allowed both partners to increase their brand awareness, garner new audiences, and capitalize on return customers.

A company with complementary capabilities will enable your business to integrate technological diversity and knowledge sharing to its research and development processes, positively influencing the innovation performance of your organization.

4.     New opportunities for growth

The most enduring and prosperous companies understand that they can only reach a certain ceiling until they need to reinvent themselves to continue delivering organic growth. Without strategic transformation change, a company’s success can become stagnant and eventually result in dire consequences.

Access to new technological instruments, markets, and business models through a strategic alliance allows your organization to pivot itself and unlock new avenues of growth. As a growth strategy, alliance partnerships provide growth opportunities at a fraction of the cost of individual efforts.

5.     A competitive advantage gained

Joining resources with another company increases the operational capabilities you need to compete. Through your strategic alliance, you gain access to lower-cost suppliers, new distribution networks, and a highly skilled labor pool.

Consolidating your resources and expertise with a strategic partner helps create economies of scale. This becomes advantageous as it solidifies your presence in the marketplace, limiting its vulnerabilities to hostile takeover bids and other external threats.

Even smaller businesses can use economies of scale to compete against industry goliaths.

In the example of Uber and Spotify, both companies were disruptive startups in their firmly established industries. By working together, they were able to achieve tremendous success. Today, the profitable partnership has accelerated the digital transformation of their respective industries.

How to find the right strategic alliance

While there are significant advantages to a strategic alliance, selecting the wrong company can be detrimental to the success of your business. To establish a successful and value-driven partnership, create a strategic criteria.

The criteria should articulate the vision and objectives of the project.

This will confirm whether both parties are strategically aligned, culturally and operationally. Alliance governance will also need to be discussed to ensure both organizations commit the right resources and capabilities to the partnership.

Lastly, perform your due diligence. This can be done by working with a strategic alliance consultancy firm that can help you better structure your partnership to maximize the value of your arrangement.

A strategic consultant can provide management services, reviewing your strategic plan, assessing potential risks, creating metrics that evaluate the alliance performance, and developing recommendations for better results.


Stany Pereira is the Managing Partner at PKF UAE. He is a Fellow Chartered Accountant who has been with PKF since 1987 and has been responsible for the development and management of the firm's practice. He has an overall experience of over three decades in audit and assurance services. Stany also oversees the tax and structuring practice of the firm.

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What is Extra Mailbox Concierge Postal Bag drawer For Home Box Transfer Material Fall For home network distribution Metal fall for postal shipment closet. Package mailbox safely homes storage box, product drop container for house mailbox, package locker home fastening mailbox, package locker home elephant trunk on my front veranda plus excellent storage; parcel locker mobile protected postal distribution box tony, package lockable home automated devices for concierge apartment buildings, product locker residential concierge.

Procedures and Advantages:

  1. Package Concierge ® is a program focused around both the Society and the User.
  2. Apps and schemes are constructed all over residential property operating procedures.
  3. Just financial structure and is not a transaction-based operation.
  4. Our citizen-based system delivers a customized experience like:
  5. Several pick-up packages utilizing (1) barcode / PIN for User ID-all doors unlock!
  6. Requires Citizen to execute all operations using (1) the User ID database / PIN.

And iii. Removes the need for each package to submit a statistical analysis.

  1. People & Management Company could activate Returns/shipments for usage.
  2. The citizens could also use our platform to transmit products to anyone else.
  3. The Premier software RFID option enables the use of group keypads.
  4. Concierge ® Package Company signed a personalized installation for customers.
  5. Precise residential information is supported by a customized program developed with the user.
  6. Locker exits and mailboxes are a known function seeing as Florence did make either of those.
  7. The goods are built to be legal, open, and durable.
  8. Box Concierge ® closets have undergone an extensive inspection and are now identified on ETL.
  9. Our goods follow all Equal Housing Legislation criteria.

The subsequent parts illustrate vital parts:

  • App-designed to serve the requirements of multi-unit residential social groups
  • Device-We sell the largest selection of product handling tools.
  • Additional features-options for operating systems to integrate different business requirements.
  • Delivery / assistance-U.S. customer care and technical brand facilitate 24/7

Portal owner & Smartphone app:

  • Place primary alerts (text, telephone, and a notice of request or push)
  • Define usability criteria – range restricts up to 48 inches.
  • Quick link to packet retrieval barcode.

Source Shipment & Refunds function:

  • Available-every estate will determine if they want to sell it.
  • Returns are plainly 'opposite shipments' for carrier pick-up customers.
  • Function reflects the price of these amenities and facilities because it contributes usability.
  • Carriers no doubt plan on making additional visits to collect outbound or returned deliveries.

Enlist the Mail forwarding facilities of DakotaPost now!

Continue to receive digital versions of your paper mail at your preferred mailbox. We are going to offer this, which fits your desires for both long-term and short-term plans at

Flexible carriage:

If you are walking in the R.V. National Parks, or take a sunbathing all along French Riviera, you could even relax knowing that DakotaPost will protect your message. Flexible plans indicate that it is delivered to you where you would like it on supply once a couple of weeks, twice a month, weekly. DakotaPost ships your package to you using USPS, FedEx, and DHL. You can alter your postal code anytime you leave port someplace fresh owing to our simple-to-use contact page.

Accessible Paperless choice:

DakotaPost has a Digital Mailbox program that you'll enjoy. We will give you an electronic test of every packets and box from outside.

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Tips for Gift Baskets for Babies Toddler gift baskets are a variety of precious things for babies and families regarding. They are designed correctly, and so can be customized. Newborn child preserves are among the most widely known baby shower presents. That's a hold time-run for a great purpose. It would be best if you were confident that at only one aspect in it would be beneficial to the kid. And that's a great party present because you can keep it as tiny as you'd like it to be.

There are several hampers for kids around here and many unique designs. Choosing what and how to bring in yourself could be complicated. I've listed several of the best choices that I've given to my awaiting buddies here. I hope just this reference helps you through! Do you not have space or creative thought to hamper yourselves? Move right through our favorite home-made infant goodie bags; for any package, there are many.

Build Your Style:

The things you place your body and spirit in are among the greatest gifts. Then why not even make yourself baby gift baskets? Of course. Particularly when you're in arts. You could purchase, customize the products individually, and application packet baby hamper.

The gift basket:

A pretty package is an item that holds along the presents and creates them artistically.  You have to get a decent concept about how many materials you would like to place in the bag required to quantify the package dimension you need. The size range is some types: tiny moderate and significant. What kind you pick, ensure the bucket size is below 20 cm because it will overshadow the aesthetics, and you usually can't see the presents underneath. I should hold to the conventional basket board material, willow, or silk.


Generally speaking, I want to make my package quite lovely, and I will not have to attach quite enough design, so I concentrate on the present to bring it in. However, if you get very artistic, you could apply a ton of beautiful original features to your package to render it much more special.

Customized Lining:

You could even insert a different coating or also sprinkle the children's names on it. You may select the colors and textures. The drawback is that getting it into the container needs a helluva lot of effort and personalization.


If you're picking a wicker or willow bundle little more ribbon is the gesture that brings all the beauty. You wouldn't need any of those glossy satin ribbons, because it's already such a rustic piece, but perhaps a rugged material like linen

Ripped up paper:

Filling the blank void inside your box is a useful suggestion to make it appear more substantial. A great solution if the presents you purchased are somewhat too large for your package. I prefer to be much more minimalistic towards hamper architecture as I've seen very beautiful hampering packed with shredded paper to bring specific texture and color to the hamper (mainly when the package is white).

What's to Bring in That?

You could even place anything valuable that you dim into your package. Only one requirement is to seek to align the shades, and it seems like a harmony. I would urge you to hold it every day, not combine many as two or three (such as white) shades.

How several things do you want to bring in your bins? It is all up to you and your expenditure, so I recommend that you have at least 3-4 items in it. The usual things I combine in my buckets are collected here. I've managed to give you kids, females, and even unisex choices.

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Tips for Finding Commercial Storage It's incredibly satisfying to be a company owner: creating your entire timetable, deciding wherever your workplace is, and running things. But inconvenience? Organizing a room and maintaining it clutter-free. If your department is beginning to look slightly like a corporate office and more of a complicated snag-all, considering using a self-storage module could be a moment.

Here are some commercial storage ideas which will maintain your workplace room tidy and interactive. The easiest way to keep your things in tip-top condition when optimizing your storage room is to store products growing you do not even use for your company or commercial properties—using our guidance to suggest how well to keep stuff which is not in demand this year!

More info can be found at

Assess the stock:

Go for your possessions and find out what you'd like to place in space, which this season is no longer convenient. Users will try to provide the most precise understanding of how much room users will have to use further down the line to gain price figures.

Your expenditure figure:

Find out what you're ready or prepared to afford on just this cost until you start searching at potential processing facilities. This phase should encourage the option of a processing facility with your next searching step.

Get an area that is heat resistant:

Even though the components you have to hold are not acutely susceptible, choosing a heat-controlled atmosphere is essential to support that your goods are brought back only because they were since you last had seen them.

Find the correct unit space:

Conduct the work on storage warehouses reasonably near the workplace or commercial complex to make things as convenient as possible. Once you've found some few identities of firms that might suit well, consider out a little more about every other company and ensure they're a perfect fit. Check into what kinds of service the service is equipped to carry and ensure they are prepared to treat the products with respect and expertise.

Understand how to load the storage goods:

Understanding how and when to prepare the pieces correctly for storage is crucial to ensuring they remain in good shape. The files, appliances, and stock/goods are among the most widely known kinds of materials we have in company stores. Any suggestions for handling certain things correctly:

  • Papers: Using sealed packaging to ensure that no liquid reaches, and stack their jars on wooden boards to hold them off the surface;
  • Cabinetry: protect appliances with drop garments and increase them off the floor using bags.
  • Stock/materials: maintain and evaluate tests of the storage areas. You must also assess if you need a climate-controlled atmosphere for your stock.


Protecting storage at the factory would not be an afterthought. Delivery and distribution are also crucial to a profitable business. If you really can predict your company's future requirements, carefully manage, and start giving yourself a sufficient way to achieve stability conditions, the route becomes much easier to understand. It is your company you earn it.

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Does Golf Still Help In The Business World?

Golf is still very important in the business world, but you need to know how to leverage golf to make your business as successful as possible. It is not enough to play golf. You must know how the golf club provides you with services, how the golf club can help win over clients, and what the golf club does to soothe your nerves. Use the tips below to introduce golf into your business plan.

The Country Club Is Filled With Amenities

When you join a place like St Cloud Golf and Country Club, you have access to every amenity you need. You can play on the course, ride in a golf cart provided by the club, and hire caddies who are employed by the club. There is a locker room, spa, and possibly tennis courts. You can eat in the restaurant, or you might have a drink at the bar. Some golf clubs even have a dry cleaning service.

Bring Your Clients For A Friendly Game Of Golf

If you are on the course with your clients, you can get to know them, have productive conversations, and have fun. When your clients have fun with you, they are more likely to work with you in the future. The round of golf you played together might be one of the most memorable things your client has ever done, and you can talk about that round of golf for years to come.

The Locker Room And Spa Helps Everyone Relax

When you come to the golf club after a long day of work, you can sit in the spa or steam room. You can take a shower after playing golf, or you could change into comfortable clothes because you are meeting friends in the restaurant later on that day. The golf club will give your clients a locker that they can use when they play with you.

The Club’s Restaurant Offers Great Food

Most golf clubs have amazing food because they often employ amazing chefs. You can bring your clients to the club for a nice lunch, or you might have lunch catered from the golf club. You should come to the club when you need a good dinner before you go home, or you could have lunch catered in one of the meeting rooms at the club.

The Club Has Meeting And Conference Rooms

The golf club has meeting and conference rooms that you can use when your clients come to town. Your clients are hoping to get a lot of work done during their visit, and they will enjoy sitting at the country club. These clubs offer amazing views and lovely service. Sitting in your office can be boring, and you may not want to spend all day in a cramped space.

You can walk through the grounds of the club if you want to chat with your clients, and they will enjoy seeing all the sights around the club. This is a good way to create good memories for your clients. Plus, you can use the scenery around the area to explain why working with companies in your area is a good idea.


The golf club you join will help you with your business deals. You can bring your clients to the golf club at any time, and you can use the bar or restaurant to host a nice meal. Meeting and conference rooms in the club make it easier for you to host business conferences, and you can get to know your clients while you play a round of golf. Golf has always helped businesses get work done, and the golf club provides a nice backdrop for your productivity.

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What to Expect When an Estate Goes Through Probate

When a person creates a will, that person wants his or her estate to be handled in a particular way after death. A person’s will would normally include details about the distribution of his or her property and assets to loved ones, including children, siblings, parents, and other relatives. While there are times when estates are distributed according to plan, sometimes they are forced to go through probate. Probate creates a lengthier process surrounding the separation and distribution of money and other assets left behind by the deceased individual. If the estate goes through probate, the court would need to review the account to determine how to properly handle things.

Why Does it Happen?

There are a few different reasons why an estate might go through probate. If a deceased individual had a will but their power of attorney passed away before they had time to make changes to their will, the estate would likely need to go through the probate process. The original power of attorney is not there to handle the will, so the court would need to take over for the deceased individual to make sure that things are fair. Sometimes an estate goes through probate because a deceased individual failed to prepare a will in advance. Family members may argue over who gets what after their loved one passes away. It is not always easy to resolve the conflict when nothing has been set in stone. If family members are unable to agree on the situation, the estate would need to go through probate.

What to Expect From the Process

If an estate goes through probate, it can take up to two years to get everything figured out and situated. Loved ones of the deceased may wait a long time to receive anything from the estate. The exact amount of time it will take will depend on various factors, including the assets owned by the deceased individual, the heirs that are requesting to receive something from the deceased person’s estate, debts that were owed by the deceased, and other types of family-related issues that may occur.

The process can take more time than the loved ones of the deceased would like to deal with, but there is no guaranteed way to speed up the process once an estate goes through probate because it is in the power of the court at that point. It is for that very reason that most people try to keep their estate from going through probate by having a will created with help from a family law attorney who can explain everything.

Want to Avoid Probate? Find Out How Giro Law can Assist You

If you would like to make sure that your estate does not go through probate because you want things sorted and situated for your loved ones in the event of your untimely death, speak to the attorneys at Giro Law today. We provide family law services in Hackensack, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. If you want to learn more about estate planning and other options that you have, call us at 201-690-1642.

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Massage Insurance For You

Thoughts of a pleasant, rejuvenating massage don't normally conjure images of injuries and lawsuits. However these misfortunes can catch the most professional massage therapists off guard. You will most likely have a long, blissful career free of claims and losses but the right massage insurance protects you if problems arise.

Why Massage Insurance Matters

Massage is a professional touch therapy applied to human bodies across different modalities. In some cultures, it is treated as a medicinal practice. Your clients will come in all ages, sizes and states of health.

Massage insurance covers you if clients allege injuries, pain and even irritation from oils or lotions. Liability insurance accounts for basic claims. More complex plans protect you, your space and your staff if you operate a business.

1. Consider your level now and in the future.

As a massage student in training, you would require different insurance than a certified massage therapist would. Many massage students who must acquire training hours do not realize they should have insurance, so they miss a savings opportunity. Student plans begin as low as $25 and last for up until a year after you receive your license to practice as a professional.

While you work up from freelancing part-time to full-time professional, you want to upgrade accordingly to stay on the safe side.

2. Add elite protections.

Comprehensive providers such as Massage Magazine Insurance Plus will offer elite items like Occurrence Form coverage, which protects you for claims from the day they occurred even if your plan expired before you learned of a problem.

Such providers commonly partner with brand name companies. If you make the leap from part-time freelancer to classify as a Business Owner, you could add a Business Owner policy. This option would streamline multiple interests you acquire as an owner including property, fire and employee liability coverage.

3. Do your research.

A new massage therapist may want more career support than a veteran. Some insurance providers have more formidable communities and professional advice systems than others. These may be values you do not know you need until you research all companies have to offer.

4. Compare plans and reviews.

You could receive an affordable quote the first time out and want to take it. Pause and get second opinions. Consult your fellow students and teachers or colleagues you've met in professional work.

The internet is a valuable repository of opinions from current massage insurance customers. Reviews should hint at insurers' response times on questions and bills. These can alert you to red flags, such as delays and poor service in handling claims.

5. Cover all you do.

Massage therapists are not one size fits all, and massage insurance shouldn't be either. Body massage modalities like Shiatsu and Swedish serve different functions than Pregnancy and Facial massage. Dancers, athletes and other professionals could need you for their jobs.

Most spa liability insurance covers all therapists who work there, but leave nothing to chance. Definitely cover yourself if you strike out on your own and ask for written proof you are covered if you work for someone else.

As you grow and add skills, always consult your insurance provider in case you have to augment your policy's limits. Expect to pay $100-$500 as a freelancer, or more if you acquire your own space and employ staff.

While in the business of relaxation for others, you owe it to your clients to feel relaxed that you both are protected. Wherever you are in your journey to help others with massage, work with the knowledge you have insurance.

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6 Tips for Starting a Small Business After Retirement Not everyone dreams of lounging on a beach sipping cocktails after they retire. Many of us, in fact, have a drive to work and to succeed long after ending our first careers. Starting a small business can be a perfect way to balance out your desire for autonomy over your time with your desire to perform significant work. Here are six ways to improve your chances of success.

1.    Know Your Purpose

Why do you want to start a small business? It’s key that you hone in on your core purpose(s) before taking this step in retirement.

Do you worry about running out of money in retirement? Perhaps your primary goal as an entrepreneur is to increase your retirement income, helping you avoid spending down your nest egg too quickly.

Maybe you have plenty of income streams in retirement, but you know you thrive on facing challenges. A small business would provide opportunities for personal growth and enable you to keep your intellect sharp.

Whatever your ultimate goal is, be sure to build your business around reaching that goal. For example, if you’re motivated more by personal growth than by financial considerations, you have a bit more flexibility and can choose something you enjoy, even if it’s not terribly profitable.

2.    Follow Your Strengths

In any small-business endeavor, you’ve got to play to your strengths. What skills do you possess that you can take into this new business?

Founding a business is no small task, so if you choose a field that you have no ability in, your chance of success will be almost nonexistent. On the other hand, focusing on an area you already know well will increase your odds of successful business.

That’s not to say that you can’t explore a new interest, but you should at least make sure you have some of the main abilities needed to run this business.

3.    Build the Business Before Retirement

If you haven’t retired yet, a good strategy is to begin building up your business during the final months or years of your career. It might be difficult to find the time, but gaining clientele, practicing your new skills, or beginning to market your business will help you when you take the business full-time.

It might be more difficult to get momentum for your new business if you wait too long. Why wait when you can start a little side hustle, then possibly grow that business once you’re done with your full-time job?

4.    Pay Attention to Social Security Benefits

Any post-retirement income from a small business will likely impact your Social Security benefits. If your total income in any one year, including self-employment income, is above the maximum that Social Security allows, your benefits may be reduced. This depends on whether you’re at full retirement age or not.

So if you’ve already begun collecting Social Security, be aware of how your fledgling business may impact those benefit checks. You don’t want to drastically cut your Social Security benefits by earning too much.

5.    Choose A Business with a Low Upfront Investment

In your retirement years, you don’t want to pour a large portion of your funds into a brand-new business. It’s risky to put too much of the money you’ve diligently saved for decades into a business that may or may not turn a profit.

Therefore, choosing a field that doesn’t require a ton of money up-front will be to your advantage. Many businesses today can even be founded for little more than the cost of a new laptop and web hosting fees.

6.    Build an Online Presence

It’s next to impossible to run a thriving business without a web presence. Whether that entails a blog of company-relevant content or social media marketing, your online presence can help make or break your work.

Make an effort to get the word out about what you and your company offer, through the power of the Internet. A great deal of your marketing can be relegated to the online world, so it’s essential to build your online presence as a businessperson.

Final Thoughts

It’s becoming less common to simply work one job for a full career and then check out for the rest of your life. Now, more and more people choose to work long after they technically retire. Consider important factors like these six tips when planning your post-retirement business venture.

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Why Jacksonville is Becoming a Business Wonderland

People usually associate Florida with beaches and abundant sunshine. It is, after all, known as "the sunshine state." However, Florida has more going for it than great vacation spots. Towns such as Jacksonville, Florida know how to get into some serious business. The city of Jacksonville was shown in recent studies to be one of the best places in the country to start up a business, even surpassing major cities such as Miami and Atlanta.

The city has many accolades to boast of for its business growth and job opportunities. Recently, Jacksonville was ranked no. 1 in the United States by as a place to start a business. Forbes ranked Jacksonville in the top five cities in the nation to find work in the United States. This ranking was based on many different factors. These include the education level of the workforce, affordability of real estate and low corporate tax rates.

The number of skilled workers who move to Jacksonville to find affordable housing has a positive impact on the business environment. Some of the strongest job markets in the city are logistics and industrial jobs.

Entrepreneurs have some unique sources of support in Jacksonville. One of them is a festival that is held every year called One Spark, which provides opportunities for creative people and for those who are planning startup ventures.

Another helpful resource for entrepreneurs in Jacksonville is the city's Small Business Center. It provides aid to new businesses that help them start up and grow their enterprises. The center provides individual counseling and a series of workshops entitled "Achieve Your Business Dream." The workshops are presented by veteran entrepreneurs who help beginners put together a business plan.

The center also offers education to businesses that have been in operation for a while. It's a six-month program entitled "Get Smart" that evaluates a business and provides a plan to improve its growth. Jacksonville also offers incentives for entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in the downtown area.

For entrepreneurs who want to relocate to Jacksonville, contact Suddath Moving Company in Jacksonville to help you with the move. Also, the Chamber of Commerce provides a relocation guide that gives them a lot of valuable information about neighborhoods, taxes, schools, health care and many other related topics.

Jacksonville is the location of three Fortune 500 and four Fortune 500 companies' headquarters. Leading businesses are attracted to the city because of the young, educated population which consists of a median age that is lower than most other areas in the state. Universities in the area help to provide a generous number of people in this category.

Businesses can take advantage of an information resource center at the University of North Florida. It's the Florida Small Business Development Center, and it provides consulting at no cost and training at a low price. The center offers a great deal of information to help entrepreneurs grow their business ventures.

Population growth is another factor that is fueling the thriving business atmosphere in Jacksonville. The south and west regions of the United States are experiencing high increases in population, and Jacksonville was ranked second in the south for its level of population growth. In 2018, the city hit an all-time high for construction of new homes. Jacksonville Airport saw a record number of passengers flying into the region in the current decade.

The booming population and abundance of young people with higher education make Jacksonville attractive for business startups and industry leaders. The free resources and incentives also help entrepreneurs in the area turn their dreams into reality. People who like warm weather and are looking for a place to start a business should seriously consider Jacksonville as an ideal option.

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Vacuums: Tips on How Often to Change a HEPA Filter Most, if not all the cleaning professionals can attest that HEPA filters are among the most efficient cleaners out there.

HEPA filters can capture the smallest particles, down to 0.3 microns in size, 99% of the time.

With a HEPA cleaner, you can be assured of indoor air quality. These filters can trap dust, pollen, mold, smoke, bacteria and other microscopic particles.

Over time, however, you'll need to change the HEPA filters. See, with time, the debris collected become the better part of the HEPA, and this can hinder the overall performance.

Changing a HEPA filter is beneficial in a plethora of ways.

For starters, it will allow your air-con to clean your home to the highest filtration.

Secondly, an efficient HEPA cleaner is crucial to the health of your family.

Finally, changing a filter will extend the longevity of your air conditioner.

But how often do you need to change your HEPA filters and when is the right to do so?

Well, there’re no “cut and dry” rules on the regularity of when to change your HEPA filters.

The frequency of the HEPA filter changes will depend on a myriad of factors, including how often you use your machine, the indoor environment, the condition of the air con and even the location.

According to the professionals, the general rule of thumb is to replace the HEPA filters at least once every six months. This is particularly true if your filter contains carbon.

Nonetheless, some of the filters will go up to two years without requiring change.

If you're still unsure on when or whether it's the right time to change your HEPA filter, remember that you will not lose anything by playing safe and changing your HEPA filter regularly.

Nonetheless, here are some a few pointers to guide you on how often you should change your HEPA filters.

Residential Setting

If you’re using a vacuum with a HEPA filter is strictly a residential setting, the filter should last anywhere from 2-3 years before needing a replacement.

While the period will depend on how much you use it, regular cleaning usage should last anywhere from 24 to 36 months.

Commercial Use

If you are using your vacuum in a commercial setting such as an office, the filter should be changed more frequently.

If it's used daily, it should be checked at least every six months.

If the filter looks heavily soiled, it should be changed even more regularly; otherwise, the filter should be changed at least once a year.

In a commercial setting, we recommend that you perform a DOP Testing | Dispersed Oil Particulate Test to ascertain the integrity/efficiency of HEP of your filter. This will ensure that all your workers are protected and only inhale quality indoor air.

If you Smell Must

While it’s good to know how long a vacuum can last, a musty smell is an indicator that your HEPA filters need change.

In any case, the musty smell indicates that the integrity of your HEPA filter has been compromised and it’s no longer working efficiently.

Carbon Filters

Some of the advanced HEPA filtration systems usually come with an additional layer of filtration in the form of carbon pre-filter.

Carbon pre-filters are excellent at removing the odors from the air.

Similar to the regular HEPA filters, the carbon filters should be removed at least annually for commercial uses, and one in 2 or 3 years for residential use.


If your filter has a pre-filter that is designed to capture the large particulate matter, you should check the filter after every three to four months.

Also, if the filter or the housing that holds the filter ever gets damaged, you should change the filter as well.

During replacement, we recommend that you call a professional to make the change.

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Northern Territory Tips for Solar Darwin When it comes to the idea of going off-grid with your power with renewable energy, or even if you want to jump into the “share” to lower your electricity bills, you can greatly do so with solar powers, especially when you’re living in Darwin. What started out as an estranged market just years ago is starting to be more and more popular, and it helps the environment too! In this guide, we’re going to give you some tips if you live in the Northern Territory when it comes to buying solar power.

Don’t Get More than You Need

While you may be stoked enough that you’d love to be able to power an entire apartment building or neighborhood, you really don’t want to go overboard with it. Many people look at advertising as the major factor of why they bought a solar panel system. The truth is, you need to worry about what’s important and what you need. Otherwise you’re just wasting money in the long run, as well as stored and unspent energy.

Be Sure to Ask Around

When you look in your area, you want to know everything about other people in your area who’ve had solar panel systems installed. They’ll gladly tell you in most cases of what problems they may have had to face. At the same time, they’ll also be sure to give you some good ideas about what types of products and installers as well that you won’t even want to mess with.

Look at the Warranty

Having a warranty is important. Every manufacturer has some sort of reputation and manufacturer’s warranty. If they don’t, then you’ll waste your money and get what you paid for. Solar panels often last for at least 20-25 years, so you want to ensure that your warranty covers all, most, or even more than that.

Don’t Think it Has to Be Cheap

The initial investment isn’t the main purposes of having a solar panel system installed into your home. The most important thing you need to be concerned about is that if you want to buy better quality and longer lasting solar panels and systems, you can’t just think of the cheapest thing, or you’ll get what you pay for, which can even damage your home. Make sure your company actually has a medium margin price, but has more customers rather than just someone who offers the lower price. This means they often will pass up quality for quantity.


Darwin Territory Solar Solutions is one of the leading industrial companies to date, because they offer so many varieties for exceptional prices, with the highest quality that you can achieve possible. Their mission is more to save you money in the long run, which as mentioned above is one of the most important things to consider. Every one of their contractors are certified in order to do the installations correctly using only some of the best gear. Not only that, but because the business is completely family owned, you can ensure that you’ll be treated like a family member and not just another customer for their work.

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Crucial things to consider when choosing the office space

If you’re looking around the market to find an office space, you have to know that the space you choose will be very crucial to the success of your business. Choosing a wrong office space could threaten your business, by stifling out growth or/and through the loss of your employees. So, it is essential to choose the best office space that suits your employees and allows your clients to assess the professional view of our business.

However, finding new office space can be challenging and time-consuming, even for the most successful companies. Several things can impact the office space you choose that is why we compiled a list of the crucial things to consider when looking for an office space.

1.     Space requirements

Space is one of the most important factors to consider when you are in the market for office. Firstly, assess your business performance because one of the worst things that could happen is to move into office space while still growing, then six months later, you need to find a bigger office. In reverse, you don’t want to move into a huge office, if you are not likely to fill the space any time soon.

To find the perfect office space, you’ll need to consider your business as a whole with a mindset that your workers will need to have space to move around but if your business is not likely to see growth in the next few years, there is no point in moving into an office that is too big. If you are not certain about the future, maybe you should look into a shared space that allows you to adjust with growth, or an office with the flexible lease so that you don’t get tied down.

2.     Location

Your company location is one of the main factors that will affect your business success, which is why you should be cautious when choosing an office space. There are a few things that make a particular location desirable. Firstly, you have to make sure that your existing and potential clients can get to your office easily, and your employees as well.

You certainly don’t want to lose your clients and employees just because you chose a location that is difficult to reach using public transportation. Plus, ensure the location has a good parking space for all who need them, and you should also make sure the location is safe. After all, your employees and clients must feel safe.

3.     Price

This is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a new office. You may find yourself packing out of the office after a couple of months if you spend too little. On the other hand, it might be difficult to continue paying for rent if you spend too much. When you are considering to spend too much on your office space, ask yourself if you can afford to pay three to five month rent deposit right now or what are the hidden charges, and if the cost of renting the office is in line with similar offices in the area.

With that, you know if it is within your budget and understanding the hidden charges help protect yourself against unexpected charges. In addition, having an idea of the cost of similar offices in the area can be a guide to getting the best deal.

4.     Style

Deciding on an office space that suits your style of business is important for your brand. The design of your office is very important, especially if prominent clients usually visit your office. So, if you want to come across as an expert in your business, your office should reflect that. For instance, you can go for a more classic design and choose furniture that is absolutely chic and super comfy at the same time. And you can find these types of furniture at Fast Office Furniture Brisbane.

Additionally, it is essential that you choose the right color. Try to do research on different colors and discover the tones that mostly promote productivity.

5.     Legal requirements

This is another factor you may want to consider as contracts for personal and business use can be quite different. For instance, you need to know the party that will be responsible for repairs and maintenance costs. Several business owners have made this mistake in the past as they move into an office where the landlord is not responsible for the cost of maintenance and repair, and these were not clearly stated in the contract. 

Legal assistance can be valuable here as a legal assistant can help you work out whether you are getting the best possible deal or not. That is why we always recommend you seek professional advice before signing any agreement. Although we know that seeking legal advice means extra charges, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Things Your College Advisor Didn't Tell You About Your Business Degree At some point in your pursuit of a degree, you'll find yourself sitting in front of an advisor, hoping for a little guidance with the big decisions before you. Advisors, however, don't know everything about every program a university offers, and they know even less about your life and the situation that led you to these options in the first place. This is especially true when it comes to business degrees, as some of the most important benefits of your college experience won't be from courses or seminars. So, just what are these opportunities you should be looking out for as you earn your degree in business?

Business Schools Offer Incredible Networking Opportunities

There will be few points in a person's life where they are surrounded by as many like-minded people as they are when enrolled in a college major. Everyone around you is working to achieve the same goals, learning the same material and eager to put it to the test. Business school is fertile ground for developing relationships that could last decades, bringing lifelong benefits to both parties. Each of your fellow students will have their own network of contacts, potentially increasing your reach to former coworkers, family members, and friends in other majors that you may never have had the chance to meet otherwise. Whether it's potential investors in a start-up, reliable employees, or a business partner with a plan, the value of these contacts shouldn't be underestimated. After all, many of the greatest business success stories throughout history began in a college dorm room.

Beyond your fellow students, you may also find yourself able to rely on the experience and contacts of your professors as well. Business professors are more likely than professors in other departments to have had hands-on, relevant experience in the area in which they're teaching, and will offer up the wisdom they've accrued over the years. Whether it's advice on starting a company, helping you to secure an internship, or just a personal anecdote on their own experiences in the world of business, maintaining a good relationship with your professors can only increase the value of your business degree.

Acquiring Relevant Experience can be Just as Important as a Degree

Experience and education are often bizarrely presented as a dichotomy, where any particular individual can only aim for one or the other. Certainly, there has been some truth to this in the past; a degree could help one obtain a job in lieu of experience, or vice versa. In the modern world of business, however, neither one alone is able to guarantee you can find the career you want. That isn't to say that a degree has lost its value, but rather that employers and investors are looking for individuals who can prove they've taken their education and put it into practice. Universities are beginning to recognize this and increase the amount of practical experience offered through internships, partnerships with local companies, and simulated experiences, but there aren't always enough of these to go around.

As you near the end of your time in college, it's critical to acquire this experience if you want a running start after graduation. Professors, as mentioned above, may have leads on alternatives to school-affiliated internships to offer, such as businesses that had participated in prior years. Summer positions at small businesses are another great option, as you can learn firsthand how a small business is run and what it takes to keep it afloat on a day-to-day basis. Alternatively, starting clubs or other organizations at the university can demonstrate initiative and a willingness to lead, especially if the organization you create leaves a lasting positive impact on the school or the surrounding community. Even positions such as treasurer in a large existing club can offer employers an idea of your potential.

Certification May be the Real Key to Higher Earnings

There are a huge number of different programs that fall under the banner of business degrees, and certification isn't relevant to all of them. But for those professions with certifying organizations, it's often one of the most important things you can do for your career. Accountants, for example, can become Certified Public Accountants, or CPAs, by passing the CPA exam, holding a bachelor's degree, and gaining a few years of experience (the exact number varies from state to state). CPAs often have a higher earning potential than accountants that aren't certified with a similar level of experience, especially late in one's career. The Accounting Institute for Success provides analyzed salary data showing that the average senior accountant would make between $63,000 and $95,000 each year, while a senior-level CPA makes between $66,000 and $110,000.

Certifications exist for other fields as well, where they are often less compulsory than CPA. Project Management Professionals, or PMPs, are individuals certified through the Project Management Institute (PMI) who have demonstrated their skill at handling projects with finite end goals within companies. A 2017 study by PMI indicated that project managers with PMP certification in the US had a median salary of $115,000, while those without certification had a median salary of $92,000. Most of these certifications require a bachelor's degree at minimum, so your degree does act as an important stepping stone in your career, even if it isn't the final stage you may have expected it to be.

In the end, a business degree is worth more than an advisor is likely to be able to tell you, provided you utilize your time in college and your resulting degree properly. Networking at business school can offer connections you'd never have thought possible, while the experience earned through internships or extracurricular activities supplements the formal education found in your degree program. After graduation, your degree will function as a step on the ladder of success, allowing you to reach higher than ever with certifications that affirm your proven ability. A profitable career awaits, so don't wait to get started earning your business degree.

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