How to Get the Best Out of Your Instagram Profile with the Help of Effective Graphic Designing

You cannot disagree with the fact that a particular Instagram account is zero without any images. Businesses are using Instagram in order to capture the attention of potential customers as well as followers. According to, 75% of the Instagrammers are not from the US. However, this is something impossible if there is no beautiful and engaging content in the profile. Even if all the posts are designed by you, you always have the opportunity of learning how you can improve. It is crucial that you have a sound knowledge about various tips that are related to graphic designing so that you are closer to creating posts, which the followers are going to find within their feed every single day.

Given below is a list of the interesting graphic designing tips that you should definitely keep in mind if you want to gain more followers and attract your potential clients.

The font choice is extremely important

The font that you are choosing for every individual post is something that is extremely crucial. Even if you are deciding to make use of typography in all the posts, it is going to be of equal importance of the images that you are posting. If your font choice is poor, it is obvious that the customers are not going to take the post seriously at all. However, if the fonts that you are choosing are great, it is going to drive engagement as well as generate interest in all the posts.

It is not an easy task to find out which font is going to work the best for your posts, but you should definitely avoid Comic Sans and Papyrus. If your post is heavy, it is a great idea to play with the contrasting styles of font. The size of the words that you are selecting as well as the tense is going to make a huge impression.

Try to keep the simplicity intact

Most of the graphic designers do not know that simple designs are known to work in the best manner. As the saying goes, anything less is considered to be more. When the images are getting overloaded with a lot of unwanted information, it becomes difficult for the followers to understand what is important and what is not. The posts that are heavy with texts are known to benefit from the white space. You can also minimize the filters and effects to make the posts look elegant and classy.

Ensure that your posts have relevance

The images that you are posting should have relevance with the type of story that you are narrating to the target audience. It is true that you will get a lot of time as well as an extra place for the posts that are offbeat, but you should ensure that the photos that you are sharing are related to the goal of your brand. The potential clients should also be able to gain proper knowledge as to why you selected a particular design and on basis of that, they are going to hire you.

Eliciting emotional responses

Eliciting emotional responses in the followers is capable of leaving much more than lasting impressions. The font that you are choosing and the colors that you are selecting are responsible for compromising the matter of the image. The bright colors that normally include yellow or red are associated with positive emotions that include joy and excitement. Colors like grey and blue signify the opposite. It is your duty to consider the response that you are interested in eliciting and on basis of that, you have to make the different stylistic choices.

If you are trying to represent something dark, ensure that you are not using flashy and bright colors and similarly if you are representing a happy theme, ensure that you are not using dull and dark colors. On basis of the choice that you make, you are going to elicit the responses from your audience.

Contrast and color matching

The contrasting and matching colors within the posts are responsible for adding a lot of interest to each individual design that you are creating. For instance, you have the option of matching the font along with the background color in the image. The contrasting colors, as well as background elements within the posts, are going to help all the elements to stand out and assure that the post is more cohesive. To know more about Instagram and graphic designing, you can visit

The connection of the colors

It is your responsibility to minimize the color correction exactly like the filters. However, it is considered to be useful when it is used in a correct manner. Decreasing the saturation ensures that the look of the image is going to be more washed out. On the other hand, if you are increasing the saturation, it is going to make the colors look more vivid. Moreover, whether you are increasing or decreasing the saturation, it is going to give a unique look to the photo. You also have to consider as to how the color correction is affecting the response that you are looking to gain from your audience or the potential clients.

Taking care of the consistency

You can never argue with the fact that consistency is undoubtedly the key, which is going to help in giving the brand a unique and cohesive identity. This is why you should ensure that your designs are consistent. In order to ensure this, you have to use consistent layout, proper choices of color correction, font choices, etc., for ensuring that the brand is capable of living up to the unique identity that it has. In addition, the followers should be capable of recognizing you as soon as they see your post. All the images are known to narrate a story and the images that you are sharing should be capable of contributing to the overarching story.


If you follow all the tips that have been mentioned above, you can be assured that you are going to get the best from your Instagram account. However, ensure that you are not overdoing anything as that can be crucial for you.