Victim Of Downsizing? Me Too, Maybe It's Time For This

If you're like me then you already know that losing your employment due to company or corporate downsizing can be devastating! Four years ago it happened to me. I was a service technician for a company that supplied specialized equipment to the automotive industry. I was making $100,000 dollars + a year, it was physical and hard work a lot of the times but then any thing worth while takes work. Yet there I was out of a job and I had over 20 years with the company. This was for me anyhow, a "second" wave of devastation, one year prior to losing my job my beautiful wife passed away (very unexpectedly) and suddenly I was a single parent to our 10 year old daughter. I really don't know how I made it through some days, then the "second" wave hit.

Some how I managed to get by and I begin to think that maybe it was time to shift gears on careers since at that point I was 50 years old and the physical part of my previous career was well, not getting any easier! I tried a couple different things that still took hard work but without wear and tear on my body. Well nothing really panned out and I decided I needed to try and get back to what I knew best since my whole career was based on being mechanically inclined.

I started searching and getting my resume out there again and before long I landed a few interviews for positions that I was highly qualified for. I had 4 or 5 interviews in a month 3 of which were for service manager positions. The last company I interviewed with I thought was "it" I had a great deal of experience and it seemed to fit it was for a "mobile service manager" and the kicker was when we got done with the interview the manager told me there were actually 2 positions available! My thoughts were "this is great I'm in! Boy was I wrong! Obviously the company did not want to pay a salary that comes with experience and being 50 + years old. Age discrimination isn't supposed to figure in right? Well so much for that!

So I decided I was done depending on someone else to decide my future! Over the years I had tried my hand at starting my own online business. I learned that it is very possible to earn money online in many different ways. I just never really got anything off the ground, I guess because I never took it seriously enough since I was already comfortable financially. So I got back to work online and my goal is to help myself and to help as many other people like you that have experienced some of the same things I have!

Starting your own online business is very possible! It takes work and dedication of course. There are thousands of people these days who work from home and you can too! With today's technology it's even easier than you may think. Plus, if done right, you can get started with very little start up costs. So if you are struggling to make ends meet because of losing your job or some other life situation, it may be time for you to strongly consider starting an online business and joining a "new wave" of work force of thousands of people who are already doing just that!

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