Is CompTIA Security+ Certification Worth Pursuing and Using Practice Tests?

When it comes to the cybersecurity certifications, the potential candidates are wondering whether they are worth all the efforts they will make to complete this task or not. This is especially true when they consider pursuing one of the most popular certificates of CompTIA – Security+. If you asked yourself the questions about this credential, then keep reading this post. You will find the answers to them, and your doubts will disappear.

So, is the worth your time, money, and effort? Let us know about this by first defining this certificate and finally letting you know if you should pursue it. So, let’s start!

Vital details of CompTIA Security+ certification

CompTIA Security+ is worth all the effort if cybersecurity is your thing. This means that you either want to fully specialize in this field or want to make your CV attractive by enhancing it with this security-based certification. No matter how it sounds like a direct thing, you are probably wondering what makes this credential worth your time and toil.

The Certbolt – Page is based on some important security aspects that every professional considering a cybersecurity career should never miss. It focuses on the topics that introduce you to industry challenges and solutions. As a candidate, you will become familiar with domains such as:

  • Threats, attacks, as well as vulnerabilities;
  • Security technologies and tools;
  • Implementation of secure networks;
  • Installation and configuration of services for identity as well as access;
  • Implementation of best practices governing risk management;
  • Configuration and implementation of settings for wireless security;
  • Implementation of public key frameworks.
  • CompTIA Network+ Exam Questions

The CompTIA SY0-501 exam for the Security+ badge contains a maximum of 90 questions in the performance-based and multiple-choice formats. The time allocated for the test is 90 minutes. The applicants have to score 750 points out of 900 to get the credential. Another requirement for this exam is the fee of $349. CompTIA also recommends that the students have some experience before they take the SY0-501 test. This will boost their chances of passing it. If you have CompTIA Network+ and experience of 9 to 12 months in the IT field with the main focus on security, then it should be much easier for you to sit for this certification exam.

But why is the CompTIA Security+ certificate a qualification that is good to go for? And why is it popular among the employers? By looking at the reasons why this credential is worth it, you will understand everything visit here .

Why is CompTIA Security+ certification worth it?

  • You don’t need any prior experience. For most security-based badges, having prior experience in the field or a similar one is a mandatory requirement. In fact, for some of them, you may need to have someone in your organization to certify your working experience before you can be awarded the credential. For Security+, CompTIA does not ask you for any documented experience. It only recommends that you have some experience that will make it easier for you to ace the prerequisite exam.
  • You should pass only one exam to obtain your certification. The credentials that require just a single test are definitely worth all that you need to sacrifice. Considering the fact that for some certificates from the vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, and others you have to take two or more exams for most of the cases, Security+ offers you an easier way of getting certified. Therefore, it will be cheaper and easier for you to earn this CompTIA Network Plus Answers - N10-007 . You will save yourself some good amount of time and resources. Moreover, it takes less effort and a short time to have one with you.
  • You have a wide range of resources. CompTIA has qualified its personnel to take you through the course for the Security+ certification if you opt for the instructor-led training. And if you do not want to go this route, you have a chance to select your preferred learning method from what is available on the official page. You can choose e-Learning, study guides, virtual labs, or video tutorials. You can also add some practice tests and exam dumps to your detailed blueprint.
  • This certification is available to almost everyone. Most certificates related to the cybersecurity field cost a lot more than $500. This is why Security+ can prove to be unaffordable to many individuals, especially if they are new to IT and have no stable jobs yet. CompTIA avails its credentials at a reasonable price, making them the most preferred by those students who are looking for cheaper options. And since you still get value for your money through this option, you are better off going after it.
  • This certification increases your chances of employment and access to good pay. Employment is one of the leading motivations for those individuals who go for any IT certification. Others include their desire for promotions and enhanced salaries. The professionals also pursue the credentials that offer them a chance to follow a path that gives them unlimited career opportunities. The Security+ badge was designed while considering all these factors. Once you can prove your cybersecurity skills, the probability of getting employment goes high. You will fit into various job roles, such as a security administrator, a security specialist, a security engineer, and a penetration tester. Also, with CompTIA Security+, the employers will find you valuable in securing their data and assets. And when you can bring in such value, they will always find the ways to ensure you are fully rewarded. This includes a good paycheck, access to promotions, and attractive allowances. The certified specialists can earn an average of $74,000 yearly as per PayScale. This is above most market rates in the IT field.


The CompTIA A+ Exam Dumps is worth your time, resources, and effort. And as the tech field continues to expand, more and more security challenges arise. That is why any professional with this certificate will always be in demand. It’s better to prepare for the opportunities when they come. By deciding to pursue the Security+ credential, you are demonstrating your commitment to these features.