What is Extra Mailbox Concierge

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Procedures and Advantages:

  1. Package Concierge ® is a program focused around both the Society and the User.
  2. Apps and schemes are constructed all over residential property operating procedures.
  3. Just financial structure and is not a transaction-based operation.
  4. Our citizen-based system delivers a customized experience like:
  5. Several pick-up packages utilizing (1) barcode / PIN for User ID-all doors unlock!
  6. Requires Citizen to execute all operations using (1) the User ID database / PIN.

And iii. Removes the need for each package to submit a statistical analysis.

  1. People & Management Company could activate Returns/shipments for usage.
  2. The citizens could also use our platform to transmit products to anyone else.
  3. The Premier software RFID option enables the use of group keypads.
  4. Concierge ® Package Company signed a personalized installation for customers.
  5. Precise residential information is supported by a customized program developed with the user.
  6. Locker exits and mailboxes are a known function seeing as Florence did make either of those.
  7. The goods are built to be legal, open, and durable.
  8. Box Concierge ® closets have undergone an extensive inspection and are now identified on ETL.
  9. Our goods follow all Equal Housing Legislation criteria.

The subsequent parts illustrate vital parts:

  • App-designed to serve the requirements of multi-unit residential social groups
  • Device-We sell the largest selection of product handling tools.
  • Additional features-options for operating systems to integrate different business requirements.
  • Delivery / assistance-U.S. customer care and technical brand facilitate 24/7

Portal owner & Smartphone app:

  • Place primary alerts (text, telephone, and a notice of request or push)
  • Define usability criteria – range restricts up to 48 inches.
  • Quick link to packet retrieval barcode.

Source Shipment & Refunds function:

  • Available-every estate will determine if they want to sell it.
  • Returns are plainly 'opposite shipments' for carrier pick-up customers.
  • Function reflects the price of these amenities and facilities because it contributes usability.
  • Carriers no doubt plan on making additional visits to collect outbound or returned deliveries.

Enlist the Mail forwarding facilities of DakotaPost now!

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Flexible carriage:

If you are walking in the R.V. National Parks, or take a sunbathing all along French Riviera, you could even relax knowing that DakotaPost will protect your message. Flexible plans indicate that it is delivered to you where you would like it on supply once a couple of weeks, twice a month, weekly. DakotaPost ships your package to you using USPS, FedEx, and DHL. You can alter your postal code anytime you leave port someplace fresh owing to our simple-to-use contact page.

Accessible Paperless choice:

DakotaPost has a Digital Mailbox program that you'll enjoy. We will give you an electronic test of every packets and box from outside.